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The images in the Mariposa County Library's image gallery were generously provided by local museums, pioneer families, and historians. The collections depict varied aspects of life through the years in the foothills and mountains of Mariposa County, California. Images include famous locales, small town events, Native Californians, family portraits and well-known individuals. Some of the photograph collections are quite large, and are represented here by only a few selected images.


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Hoeltzel homestead house, 1879
James McCauley and Barbara Wenger McCauley of Yosemite Valley on their wedding day, 1879, standing on porch of Hoeltzel homestead house, Greeley Hill, Calif.; built of logs, covered with wood siding; burned down in 1923.

Rock chimney, French mill
Rock chimney, remnant of a mill structure or smelter near Coulterville, Calif.; built in 1853 of schist, ashes and mud mortar by French miners.

Eleazar T. Givens
Portrait of Eleazar T. Givens, born in Kentucky 1828; arrived in Mariposa County 1850; ranched on Mariposa Creek, Merced County, 1856-1904; son of Thomas and Catherine Givens of Texas Ranch, Hornitos, Calif.