Hanford Carnegie Museum


A second group of photographs (beginning with the letters "kic") is from the Hanford Carnegie Museum. From 1906 to 1968, this building was the home of the Hanford Library; after the construction of a new library building and in an effort to save this beautiful landmark, a group of local citizens converted the old Carnegie Library building into a museum in 1974.


  • Kings County Library

Collection Tree

Hanford High School Woodwork Exhibit
California State Fair of 1930. Exhibit of furniture made by Hanford Union High School students. Awarded First Sweepstakes and Feature Exhibit Trophy.

Hanford High School Woodwork
Gymnasium filled with furniture pieces made by High School students in woodworking class.

Kings County Leaders
Left to right: Peter Van Valer, James Shaw Robertson, James A. Hill, Horatio G. Lacey, and George Slight.