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Fresno County (Calif.)


Assorted Fresno County scenes, structures, people and events. Most of the images were taken from "Pictorial Fresno," a rare viewbook published in 1890; "The Interior," a magazine published in Fresno during 1895-1896; and another rare viewbook published in 1904, "Scenes from Fresno County, California." All these items are virtually unobtainable, and none have ever been reprinted.


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Fresno County Public Library


For more information about acquiring copies of these images (in photographic and/or digital form), please contact the Heritage Center, Fresno County Public Library, 2420 Mariposa St., Fresno, CA 93721-2285; (559) 600-6230. Our Web site is located at










Fresno County (Calif.)

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Judge E.W. Risley's Residence
Judge E.W. Risley's 2 story wooden home was at 1659 I Street in Fresno. Judge E.W. Risley was born in 1853 in New Haven, CT. He lived in Galvesburg, IL as a young person and studied law and graduated from Knox College. In 1874 he started West. He was…

Judge C.G. Sayle's Residence
Judge Claudius Galen Sayle made his home on the corner of J and Tuolumne Streets. Judge Sayle was born in Big Sandy, Tennesse in 1826 and emigrated to Millerton, California in 1852. He served as a one of the First County Supervisors in Tulare and…

Temple Bar Building
The Temple Bar Building was erected in 1889 by Fresno promoters, S.N. Griffith and R.B. Johnson on the corner of Mariposa and K Streets (now Van Ness.) It's three stories hosted a rooming house on the top floor ran for over 20 years by Mrs. Lundy.…

S.H. Cole's Residence
S. H. Cole's home was located at 1931 G Street in Fresno. Mr. Cole came to Fresno in late September 1873 and engaged in farming. In November 1886 he moved in to Fresno. He went into real estate and later with his brother and cousin formed Cole,…

J. R. White's Residence
J. Riggs White's residence was located at the corner of L and Stanislaus Streets in Fresno. He was a prominent member of the early Fresno community. He is the name behind White's Bridge and White's Bridge Road, he lived there for 18 years and pursued…

Fresno Expositor Building
Fresno Expositor Building as it was in 1896, standing 2 stories tall at 1031 J Street (now Fulton). It was originally a 1 story brick building in 1881 when the Expositor moved to Fresno from Millerton. In 1888 a second story was added. The printing…

Dr. A.J. Pedlar's Residence
Dr. Alfred J Pedlar's home is at 1619 L Street, it is a two story wood frame structure in the Queen Ann style. It featured a unique circular bow window, extending from the first story to the ceiling of the second story surmounted by a tower. He…

The Griffith Building
Griffith Building was located at 1135 J Street (between Fresno and Mariposa Streets) in Fresno, CA. Built in 1888, the three story brick structure boasted a frontage of fifty feet on J street and a depth of ninety feet. The name of the building is…
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