Northern Mariposa County History Center


The Northern Mariposa County History Center's collection reflects life in the northern part of the county.


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Fiske's photography studio, Yosemite
Front of George Fiske's photography studio in Yosemite Valley; the building was Fiske's studio from 1898 to 1904; sign on building: "Fiske's photographs for sale here"; with three men, two women, and a cat, seated and standing on porch.

Coulterville  "grand jury"
Group of old-timers known locally as the "grand jury" who held meetings on the porch of the Magnolia Room saloon, Jeffery Hotel, Coulterville, Calif.; seventeen men and one dog standing and seated along porch; front row seated, Frank Musante, third…

Magnolia Room saloon, Coulterville
Interior of the Magnolia Room saloon in the Jeffery Hotel, Coulterville, Calif., with seven men standing and seated around empty center of room, and two bartenders standing behind ornate bar.