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The Northern Mariposa County History Center's collection reflects life in the northern part of the county.


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Images can be used for research or educational purposes only. For permission to further reproduce or distribute an image, contact Northern Mariposa County History Center. To obtain a photographic or digital copy of the original photograph, contact Northern Mariposa County History Center, 10301 Highway 49, Coulterville, CA 95311; phone 209-878-3015.











Collection Items

Fiske's photography studio, Yosemite
Front of George Fiske's photography studio in Yosemite Valley; the building was Fiske's studio from 1898 to 1904; sign on building: "Fiske's photographs for sale here"; with three men, two women, and a cat, seated and standing on porch.

Coulterville  "grand jury"
Group of old-timers known locally as the "grand jury" who held meetings on the porch of the Magnolia Room saloon, Jeffery Hotel, Coulterville, Calif.; seventeen men and one dog standing and seated along porch; front row seated, Frank Musante, third…

Magnolia Room saloon, Coulterville
Interior of the Magnolia Room saloon in the Jeffery Hotel, Coulterville, Calif., with seven men standing and seated around empty center of room, and two bartenders standing behind ornate bar.

Coulterville post office and mail truck
Pete Johnson's 1913 Buick truck used for mail delivery, in front of post office in Coulterville, Calif., circa 1915; with three people standing beside truck; left to right, Pete Johnson, Ed Grenfell, Amelia Grenfell.

Yosemite stage at Jeffery Hotel
Horse-drawn stage to Yosemite in front of Jeffery Hotel, Coulterville, Calif.; with driver Eddie Webb seated on stage, man standing in street, and horse-drawn wagon standing in road behind stage.

Maria Gazzolo
Portrait of Maria Camiccione Gazzolo (1834-1914) who, along with husband Giacomo, operated a restaurant, bakery, and saloon in Coulterville, Calif., 1860s-1890s; also established a livery stable and stage line to Merced and Yosemite in 1870s.

James Gazzolo and friends, 1900
Group of people and animals in field, Coulterville, Calif., 1900; left to right, James Gazzolo standing with horse, Vince Ellis seated with parrot, Louis Boisse standing with deer; and two dogs near center.

Main Street, Coulterville, 1940s
Street scene along Main Street, Coulterville, Calif., during Joaquin Murrieta Days celebration, early 1940s.

Johnson family, Coulterville
Four Johnson family members and their dog, on back porch of their home on Main Street, Coulterville, Calif., circa 1914; left to right, Daisy, Ida May, Peter N., and Peter C. seated with dog Carlo.

Mail truck at Pleasant Valley
1913 Buick truck used for mail route, with Peter N. Johnson standing beside front wheel and two men seated in truck; at Pleasant Valley, Calif., on Merced River near Coulterville.
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