Portraits of WWI Military Personnel of Tulare County


The Annie R. Mitchell History Room contains a collection of more than 300 photos of men who served in the Army and Navy during World War I. Most of these photos were taken when the men were at the training camps. The prints were sent to local newspapers for publication. The library collection includes only those men who were from northern Tulare County (from Visalia and Exeter north). The collection also includes some photos of soldiers taken during their service in Europe, probably sent by the men themselves to their families at home.


  • Tulare County Library

Collection Tree

William Raymond Wooley (World War I, Tulare County)
William Raymond Wooley, of Dinuba (See #277 in for halftone duplicate)

Aaron Oliver Woods (World War I, Tulare County)
Aaron Oliver Woods, of Orosi (See #302 in for halftone duplicate)

Willie G. Wilton (World War I, Tulare County)
Willie G. Wilton, of Dinuba (See #223 in for halftone duplicate)