Fresno County Fruit Crate Labels


The agriculture industry is a huge part of the San Joaquin Valley and packing and shipping is just one aspect.
This collection of fruit crate labels from Fresno County and surrounding areas is a small glimpse into this field.
If you have any information on these packing houses please let us know we'd love to add more information.


  • Fresno County Public Library

Collection Tree

Sun Prince-Orange Cove Orange Growers-Orange Cove, CA<br /><br />
Blue background, sun with face on top right, purple ribbon on the bottom. Brand name in center, yellow orange letters with black border and orange shading.

Souvenir-Orange Cove Citrus Association-Orange Cove, CA<br /><br />
Brown border with yellow square, blue cross on top. Brand name, white letters with blue border, is on the cross, .

Quick Sale-Sanger Citrus Association-Sanger, CA<br /><br />
Valley background with brown border. Oranges are on the left side. Brand name is on top, in blue lettering. May 13, 1944