Leroy Radanovich Collection


The Leroy Radanovich Collection was provided by photographer and historian Leroy Radanovich. This is a small representation of a very large collection of historical photographs.


  • Mariposa County Library

Collection Tree

Hall's Hotel, Hornitos
Front and side view of the three-story Hall's Hotel, Hornitos, Calif.; with two people seated on front porch; caption handwritten on photograph: "Hall's Hotel, Hornitos, Calif. Built about 1858."

Galen Clark in Mariposa Grove
Galen Clark as a young man standing beside the Grizzly Giant tree in the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias, Yosemite.

Joaquin Murrieta
Portrait of Joaquin Murrieta as a young man, with short hair, mustache, and large neck scarf. Photographic copy of a pencil sketch.