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Yosh Imoto
Yosh Imoto was a life guard at Bass Lake in 1930

Cutler store owned by the Shinota family
The Shinoda general store in Cutler, California, in the 1930s. The original store was destroyed by fire and was rebuilt in 1919. The building, located at Road 128 and Railroad Drive, is currently occupied by La Esperanza Mexican Restaurant. The storeā€¦

Palm Methodist Church, Dinuba, Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday service at Palm Methodist Church in Dinuba, California.

Dinuba baseball team
Dinuba championship baseball team of the Central California Baseball League in the early 1920s.

Abe family photo
Members of the Abe family pictured are (left to right): Mary Aloe Sakaguchi, Mollie Fukuko Abe Osato, Franklin Kazuichi Abe, Lily Aloe Nagata, and Alice Abe Kurihara.

Jennie Joe Wong
Jennie Ying Joe. She later married Bob Wong.

Japanese professional baseball players
Professional Japanese baseball players pictured in a Japanese sports magazine from the 1950s. One player pictured operated a one-man submarine during World War II.

Baseball picture on cover of Japanese sports magazine
Cover of a Japanese sports magazine showing baseball players of 1954.

Ben Mitsuyoshi in Kyoto, Japan
Ben Mitsuyoshi visited a shrine in Kyoto, Japan. Ben played professional baseball for the Hiroshima Carps for eight years after the end of World War II.

Parade honoring Ben Mitsuyoshi and Harvey and Howard Zenemira in Hitoshima, Japan
Ben Mitsuyoshi (center) and Harvey and Howard Zenemira are honored in a parade in Hiroshima, Japan. The three Tulare and Fresno County men played professional baseball for the Hiroshima Carps.
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