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  • Collection: Fresno County Public Library General Photographs

Congregants on the steps of the the Church of the Brethren. Church of the United Brethren located on the Corner of Harvey and Thesta

A view of the buildings of the Fresno Hot Springs resort

Wagons of harvested crops waiting in line at the Williamson Homestead/ Ranch, Riverdale, CA.

Blacksmith shop
One of many blacksmith shops in Fresno during its early history.

A view of the cattle in the feed yard east of the barn. Williamson Ranch/Homestead, Riverdale, CA.

View of the barn and cattle on the Williamson homestead near Riverdale, CA.

A scene of the outdoor concerts given in the early 1900's under the trees in a park. The concert stand can be seen in the background.

A group of cowboys on horses ready for the roundup. Polyhilborn & Co. in 1884, this was taken on the north side of the Tulare lake about where Blakely Ranch is now.

Cowboys on a horse drive
Cowboys breaking for a meal during a horse drive.

A picture of the cows with before or after the roundup. The Polyhilborn & Co Roundup in 1884. Picture taken from the north side of Tulare Lake about where the Blakely Ranch is now.
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