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Dora Belle Harris Rogers

Dora Belle Harris Rogers was the wife of Dr. L. S. Rogers of Bakersfield. She was a popular teacher at the H Street school, and she had charge of a number of Kern Valley schools at various times. Mrs. Rogers died at age 62. Mr. & Mrs. Rogers were…

Aztec School, Oil Center

Aztec School was the first school in Oil Center. It opened in September 1901. Front of photograph is labelled "M. Kowalsky, Bakersfield, Cal."

Associated Oil Company, oil derricks and buildings

This photo shows the derricks, machines shops, warehouses, and related buildings of the Associated Oil Company at Oil Center

Jesse S. Rees Oil Center Store

Oil Center's first general store was opened in the early part of the 20th century by John W. Heard, who sold it to brothers Otto C. and Edward Heck, who later sold it to Jesse S. Rees.

A. Emory Wishon, Jr.

A. Emory Wishon, Jr. was executive vice-president of the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E). He and his father, A. Emory Wishon, Sr., together founded the San Joaquin Light and Power Company, which was later included within PG&E. A. Emory…

Lew Suverkrop (1895-1965)

Lew Suverkrop (1895-1965) was an inventor, geologist, and engineer. He made the front page of the Bakersfield Californian on April 15, 1939, for his hand transit, an optical instrument that proved useful in surveying.

Charles Adelbert Canfield (1848-1913)

Charles Adelbert Canfield (1848-1913), in partnership with Joseph Chanslor, formed Kern County's Chanslor-Canfield and Midway Oil Company.

James W. Jameson (1862-1934)

James W. Jameson (1862-1934) was a pioneer California oil executive. He discovered Kern County's Midway oil field and also had business interests in building and cement corporations in Southern California.

Leonard Pressley St. Clair (1871-1960)

Leonard Pressley St. Clair (1871-1960) was a pioneer in the development of Kern County's oil industry and former president of Union Oil Company.

William E. Drury (1869-1944)

William E. Drury (1869-1944) founded Bakersfield Garage and Auto Supply Company and was director of the Kern County Automobile Club of Southern California.