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  • Collection: Kern County Library--Stony Brook Retreat Tuberculosis Sanitorium Collection

swimmers at Stony Brook pool

Shows adult and children at Stony Brook's swimming pool. Outdoor shower-head is visible in background.

Women and children at swimming pool, closeup

Shows women in robes, and children in bathing suits, just prior to swimming at Stony Brook.

Three swimmers at Stony Brook

Shows 3 little girls dressed ready to swim.

View of Stony Brook Swimming pool

Shows Stony Brook's concrete swimming pool, with steps and shower fitting at far end, on right side of photo.

Two women with pole

Two women pose by a shower fitting near Stony Brook's swimming pool.

Two women with pole, closeup

Two women, likely patients, pose on the grounds of Stony Brook.

Women and children at swimming pool

A white-robed woman appears to be keeping order among several children preparing to go swimming. Other women are visible in the background.

Automobile on road to Stony Brook

Automobile and road, near Stony Brook Retreat.

Corner of hospital building, Stony Brook Retreat

Shows smaller hospital building, with awning over veranda.

Trees in valley near Stony Brook

Shows valley and trees in the vicinity of Stony Brook Retreat