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  • Collection: Kern County Library--Stony Brook Retreat Tuberculosis Sanitorium Collection

Debate team at Stony Brook

A group of four poses in the snow with a banner that reads "Stony Brook Retreat, Debating Championship 1929 Victory"

Children on veranda at Stony Brook

The children, likely patients as Stony Brook also included a children's hospital, are identified as [left to right] Mary Jane, Rose, Mabel, Joaquin, and Hydeka.

Grounds, Stony Brook Retreat

Two buildings at the Stony Brook Retreat. The infirmary is on the right.

Road to Keene

Shows the fence on either side of the road to Keene, along with nearby mountains.

Symphony of sky and land, Keene, California

photo caption: Another symphony of sky and land but minus the electric wires, therefore not quite a masterpiece.

Grounds at Stony Brook, with stairs to veranda

Shows the stairs leading to a veranda with chairs, along with another building.

Corridor, Stony Brook Retreat's Hospital building

Shows the inside corridor of Stony Brook's hospital building.

Dr. Schaper and boys at Stony Brook site

Dr. Schaper, wearing coveralls, stands with 2 boys at the Stony Brook Retreat site, which was still under construction.

Dr. Schaper on the grounds of Stony Brook Retreat

Dr. Schaper is shown in front of one of the buildings at Stony Brook Retreat

Vintage airplane at Kern County Airport

Airplane at the Kern County Airport, where Stony Brook's Dr. Strongin took flying lessons.