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  • Collection: Kern County Library--Stony Brook Retreat Tuberculosis Sanitorium Collection

Children of Stony Brook, with tree

Mary Jane, Rose, Mabel, Hydeka, and other girls who were patients at Stony Brook's Children's Hospital.

Children on veranda at Stony Brook

The children, likely patients as Stony Brook also included a children's hospital, are identified as [left to right] Mary Jane, Rose, Mabel, Joaquin, and Hydeka.

Children using Stony Brook Retreat's swimming pool

Children, likely patients of the Stony Brook Retreat, are enjoying its swimming pool. One of them is using a safety rope.

Corner of hospital building, Stony Brook Retreat

Shows smaller hospital building, with awning over veranda.

Corridor, Stony Brook Retreat's Hospital building

Shows the inside corridor of Stony Brook's hospital building.

Cottage of resident physician, behind pine tree

Shows the cottage of Stony Brook's resident physician, located beside the railroad.

Debate team at Stony Brook

A group of four poses in the snow with a banner that reads "Stony Brook Retreat, Debating Championship 1929 Victory"

Detail of infirmary and veranda

Shows sitting area for patients, next to the infirmary and driveway

Distant view of Stony Brook

Stony Brook's main building from a distance, showing its mountain setting.

Dolls and swimsuits

Six little girls, wearing sweaters and swimsuits, pose just outside a Stony Brook building, holding four dolls.