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  • Collection: Kern County Library--Stony Brook Retreat Tuberculosis Sanitorium Collection

Dr. E. A. Schaper

Dr. Schaper served at the Stony Brook Tuberculosis Sanitorium in Keene, California.

Dr. Seymour Strongin and young patients, on field trip

Stony Brook Sanitorium was expanded to admit children as patients. The children are wearing bathing suits in anticipation of using the sanitorium's swimming pool. A written label on the photo, "Seymour, Keene, Calif." is inscribed next to Dr.…

Children using Stony Brook Retreat's swimming pool

Children, likely patients of the Stony Brook Retreat, are enjoying its swimming pool. One of them is using a safety rope.

X-Ray Room, Stony Brook Retreat

Shows Stony Brook Retreat's x-ray room and its equipment.

Radio at Stony Brook Retreat

Shows a tabletop radio used at the Stony Brook Retreat, placed near a curtained and shaded window.

Stony Brook Retreat in winter

This long-distance view of the sanitorium appears to have been taken while a light snow was on the surrounding ground.

Solarium, Stony Brook Retreat

Inside a sitting area, with large windows.

Hospital, rear, Stony Brook Retreat

Rear view of hospital, showing back stairs to shaded veranda.

Dr. Schaper and Dr. Strongin

Drs. Strongin and Schaper (from left to right), in hospital garb, on the porch at Stony Brook.

Woman on terrace at Stony Brook Retreat.

Shows a woman, possibly a patient, standing beside a large potted cactus, outside one of the buildings at Stony Brook Retreat.