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A Man and Three Woman

The man and three woman seem to be thinking over their discussion.

A Woman Working In a Camp Vegetable Garden

A woman is working in the vegetable garden while she has the water running on the plants.

A Mother and Her Son In Front of Camp Cabin

A mother and her son are in front of their camp cabin. Plants are beautifying the cabin.

Small Boy In Back Of Pick-up With Two Other Boys

The little boy in the back of the pick-up is with two older boys. The two boys are in front of the trailer attached to the pick-up.

Wash Day At The Camp

Three Women have their wash on the clothes line: blue jeans, sheets , underware, etc.

A View Of The Front Of A Cabin

A view of one of the cabins at the camp.

This Little Girl is Unhappy

The little girl seems very unhappy.

Three Young Brothers In Camp

Three young brothers standing between the cabins in camp.

A Pretty Girl

A pretty girl with curly hair has been playing in the dirt.

A Man Building A Fence

A man with a woman and child is building a structure between two cabins.