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Two Girls And A Boy

Two girls standing in camp while a small boy plays on the ground.

A Small Child In the Back Of A Pickup

A small child is looking out of the back of a pick-up truck.

Garden Home At the Camp

A garden home with blooming plants around the three-room house.

Children At Play In The Dirt

Three children playing in the dirt at the camp.

Mother Watches Children At Play

A mother watches her children at play in front of their tin cabin.

Side View of International Harvester One-Row Cotton Picker

A side view of the Intenational Harvester one-row cotton picker stopped in the cotton field.

Sandy Newman from the Packwood area west of Visalia shared this information: This cotton picker was not a "stand alone". It had a cotton basket placed on…

International Harvester One-Row Mechanical Cotton Picker

International Harvester came out with the one-row mechanical cotton picker in 1949 after World War II. The mechanical cotton picker had been in development since 1933. Tom Honeycutt wrote a book entitled "The Second Emancipation: Inventor John Rust…

The Young Boy's Bag Is Full Of Cotton

The boy has picked his bag of cotton.

Activity At The Weigh-In Station

The weigh-in station is busy: one man's bag is being weighed in, another man is waiting in line with a full bag of cotton, while two men walk away with their cotton bag rolled up under their arms. The calculator is operating his machine.

The Cotton Weigh-In Station

The cotton bag is being weighed in, and the adding machine will be used to print a record for the picker.