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This aerial of Woodville Camp shows a good view of the L-shaped Vincent School by the Entrance building, the six Apartment buildings and the Garden homes lower and the Health Center at the left of the homes.

The community center is located at the hexagon entrance of Linnell Camp. Each camp was to be a self-contained community, with its own water and sewer system, streets laid out, a school, a clinic, utilities building with showers, laundry and toilets,…

The Linnell Camp entrance at Road 156. A car and a trailer with all its belongings has just arrived at the Tulare Farm Labor Supply Center (the official name for Linnell Camp).

The migrant families had to check in at the office to see if they…

The Utility Building that held the showers and laundry was in the center of hexagon at the Linnell Camp.

The view from the water tower shows the cottages and apartments along the north side of Linnell Camp.

This migrant family arrived in a truck filled all their belongings

This car arriving at Linnell Camp 0ffice is another view of photo 14.

Another family arriving at the Linnell Camp Office in their pick-up truck with a trailer filled with all the family belongings. The small child is peeking out at the surroundings.

Another similar method of migrant families means of travel.

This groups of migrants have a car with a trailer and truck. The men are talking by the car and the two children waiting by the truck.
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