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Woodville Camp cabins are similar to Linnell Camp cabins.

This aerial of Woodville Camp shows a good view of the L-shaped Vincent School by the Entrance building, the six Apartment buildings and the Garden homes lower and the Health Center at the left of the homes.

The Vincent School is the L shaped building at the top of the photo on the left side, and the Health Center building is located on the east side of the curved street on the right side if the photo.

Woodville Camp Is located northwest of Porterville on the corner of Road 192 and Avenue 160. The small town of Woodville is a few miles west of the camp.

Woodville Camp was another migratory workers camp set up in 1936 by the enactment of the Federal Security Act (FSA) . Twelve of these camps were built in California, where the migrant problem was most urgent; three in Arizona; four in Texas; two in…

Woman gathered outside doing their laundry at the camp.

Three Women have their wash on the clothes line: blue jeans, sheets , underware, etc.

Vincent School class photo

Vincent School class photo

Vincent School class photo
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