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In 1936 during the Franklin D. Roosevelt presidency, the Farm Security Administration (FSA) was set up to meet the health and housing needs for migrant families. In June of 1938 work was begun on the Linnell Camp, and on Decmber 16, 1938, the camp…

Linnell project was first called called the Visalia Migratory Farm Labor Camp when it opened. The camp is located six miles east of Visalia and within two miles of Famersville. The camp has gone through several name changes over the years, but has…

This aerial is taken from the north looking south at the hexagon layout of Linnell Camp. Migrant workers and their families could live in one of the 294 metal shelters, or in any of the 48 three-room cottages, or in one of the 30 three-room…

The trees have grown throughout the camp, and lawn is growing in the center of the hexagon layout of the camp. On the East side of the Linnell camp, a central disposal system carries off the camp's sewage and waste. Every camp has several sanitary…

Another early aerial view of Linnell Camp in the winter. The water tower is discernable in the center of this picture.

Another aerial view after the camp had been open a few years. The Community Center is located near the entrance and the Utility Building is in the center of the hexagon.

Woodville Camp was another migratory workers camp set up in 1936 by the enactment of the Federal Security Act (FSA) . Twelve of these camps were built in California, where the migrant problem was most urgent; three in Arizona; four in Texas; two in…

Woodville Camp Is located northwest of Porterville on the corner of Road 192 and Avenue 160. The small town of Woodville is a few miles west of the camp.

The Vincent School is the L shaped building at the top of the photo on the left side, and the Health Center building is located on the east side of the curved street on the right side if the photo.

In this aerial view of Woodville the water tower stands out by the cabins.
The homes are located at the left hand corner.
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