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Poetry Club members at Carizonal Internment Camp

Poetry Club members at Colorado River Internment Camp (Camp Poston). Members wrote haiku and shared their poems with other members. Bill Wake's father, Yempei Wake, is pictured in the top row, third from the right.

Frank and Taye Abe at Abel Ranch Market

Frank Abe and his wife Taye at the Abel Ranch Market in Visalia, California.

Preparing food for Palm Methodist Church bazaar

Preparing food for the food bazaar at Palm Methodist Church are (left to right): Taye Abe, her sister Mary Sakaguechi, and Frank Abe's mother Shijeko Abe.

Frank and Taye Abe

Frank and Taye Abe celebrating their 40th anniversary. They are the parents of Eileen Abe-Liesias.

Grace Chan

Grace Chan with her father's camera. David Chan (father) was an amateur photographer.

Orange Blossom Parade in Lindsay, California

Japanese Girls Club decorated automobile in a 1930s Orange Blossom Parade in Lindsay, California. Ayako Imoto Yoshida can be seen in the backseat window.

East Lynne School class photo

Class photo, East Lynne School, Visalia, California, in 1927. Those pictured include George Yoshida about 10 years of age (first row, third from right), and Nellie Yoshida Imoto about 8 years old (fourth row, second from left).

Ken Imoto on a tractor

A young Ken Imoto at the wheel of a tractor at Imoto Farms in Lindsay. A two story building shown in the background housed farm workers in 1955.

Shimasaki family and new Chevrolet auto

Shimasaki family posed with their new Chevrolet automobile in 1931. Kurazo Ideta (father is in the driver's seat. Mother Hatsu and baby Walter are in the back seat. Tom is standing (left) and Sam, Atsuko, Fred, Ira and Rinko are on the running board.

Atsuko Shimasaki photo and Valedictorian certificate

Atsuko Shimasaki was named Strathmore High School Valedictorian for her graduating class in 1940. Both her graduation photo and the certificate ae pictured here. She went on to graduate from the University of Missouri.