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Abe family photo

Members of the Abe family pictured are (left to right): Mary Aloe Sakaguchi, Mollie Fukuko Abe Osato, Franklin Kazuichi Abe, Lily Aloe Nagata, and Alice Abe Kurihara.

Aiko Fukushima and baseball team

Baseball team at Arizona internment camp. Aiko Fukushima is pictured at the far right in the first row.

Aiko Yamashita dressed as a cheerleader

Aiko Yamashita was a cheerleader at Visalia Senior High School during the 1952-53 school year.

Atsuko Shimasaki

Atsuko Shimasaki (here in her graduation photo) graduated from the University of Missouri in 1944. She was elected to Phi Beta Kappa.

Atsuko Shimasaki photo and Valedictorian certificate

Atsuko Shimasaki was named Strathmore High School Valedictorian for her graduating class in 1940. Both her graduation photo and the certificate ae pictured here. She went on to graduate from the University of Missouri.

Baseball picture on cover of Japanese sports magazine

Cover of a Japanese sports magazine showing baseball players of 1954.

Ben Mitsutoshi at Mazda Motors, Japan

Ben Mitsuyoshi (second from left) was entertained by the Mazda Motors CEO in Hiroshima. Ben was playing professional baseball with the Hiroshima Carps at the time.

Ben Mitsuyoshi in dugout at Hiroshima Carps baseball game

Ben Mitsuyoshi (center) in dugout with teammates at a baseball game. Ben played for the Hiroshima Carps professional baseball team.

Ben Mitsuyoshi in Kyoto, Japan

Ben Mitsuyoshi visited a shrine in Kyoto, Japan. Ben played professional baseball for the Hiroshima Carps for eight years after the end of World War II.

Ben Mitsuyoshi with Hiroshima Carps baseball team

Ben Mitsuyoshi (center) with teammates, Howard and Harvey Zenemira (from Fresno, California), played on the 1953 Hiroshima Carps professional baseball team in Japan's Central League in 1953.