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This Standard Oil Company truck, parked in front of the company site in Visalia, CA, delivered "Zerolene" to customers in the early 1900s.

February 10, 1912, was an exciting day for Tulare County, CA, residents who showed up for the county's first airplane landing, scheduled at the old fairgrounds one mile east of the city of Tulare. Pilots Frank Bryant and Roy N. Frances were to land…

This 1914 Model T "pickup" appears to be in the Mojave Desert of California, facing the east side the the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

This prosperous-looking couple and friend are posing in front of their 1922 Ford Model T in Tulare County, CA. Notice the wear on the right front tire.

A-1-Duroc Ranch (not identified)

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This artesian well was located near Artesia, south of Waukena in what now is Kings County, CA. An artesian well consists of a small hole sunk into the earth, through which water rises naturally from subterranean sources nearly…

Auto Hardware & Implement Store

Established in 1874 at the northwest corner of Main and Church streets in Visalia, CA, "R. E. Hyde's Bank" later became the "Bank of Visalia." Based on the newspaper name appearing at top left, it is thought this drawing was perhaps done in the…

This view of the Bank of Visalia, located at Main and Church streets in Visalia, CA, clearly shows the bank well known clock tower. At this time, Visalia Hardware had occupied the building at left and was advocating "Cook with Electricity."

A very close, magnified study of this photo makes it appear they may be "Stevey's Boys," a 19th century baseball team thought to have been in Visalia, CA. No identifications are available.
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