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Joe Ely, Last of the Yokohl Indians, Tulare County, Calif.

Joe Ely, of Exeter, CA, was a member of the Yokohl ("beautiful valley") subtribe of the Yokuts Indian tribe. He was born in 1869, and died at age 42 in 1911. The Yokohls' head village was located near the river channel north of Highway 69 on what…

Nathaniel Vise, for Whom Visalia, Calif., Was Named

Visalia, CA, was named for Nathaniel Vise, a Kentucky native born in 1810 who later owned a restaurant in San Francisco that featured bear meat. He became know as "the bear hunter." In 1852, he filed on a quarter acre in what now is Visalia, near…

Tulare County Courthouse, Visalia, Calif., 1876-1957

This south-side view of the Tulare County, CA, courthouse in Visalia, CA, was taken in 1902. The original building shown here was built in 1876, and later had east and west wings added. It was bounded by Court, Oak, Church, and Center streets.

Visalia (Calif.) Saddle, Known Worldwide, Began in 1870

The Visalia Saddle, purchased by stockmen throughout the United States and its territories, was first made in Visalia, CA, in 1870. Around 1900, an uncustomized version sold for anywhere from $35 to $45. A 2008 Internet page for Visalia Stock…

George S. Berry, Inventor, Tulare County, Calif.

George Stockton Berry, a resident of Tulare County, CA, was a prolific inventor of farm equipment focused on mechanization. In the late 1800s, he invented the G. S. Berry Steam Harvester.

Golden Crown Butter, Visalia, Calif., 1915

This was the 1915 scene in front of the Visalia (CA) Creamery, located on Oak Street between Court and Church streets in that city. The creamery was the home of award-winning Golden Crown Butter.

C. T. Brown Sheep Camp, Springville, Calif., 1885

Clinton T. Brown (left) and Demming Gibbons (center) operated this sheep camp in the Springville, CA, area in 1885. The man at right is unidentified.

C. T. Brown Sheep Camp, Springville, Calif., 1889

Clinton T. Brown (right) operated this sheep camp in the Springville, CA, area in 1889. The other two men are unidentified.