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  • Collection: Davis' Commercial Encyclopedia of the Pacific Southwest - Fresno Area Biographical Sketches

A biographical sketch and photograph of James P. Ryan, who was a prosperous business man who owned the James Ryan Establishment as well as other business properties in Fresno. Mr. Ryan married Miss Bell Rowan in Los Angeles in 1906. (p. 507)

A biographical sketch and photograph of Alexander W. Wheeler, a proprietor of the Wheeler Furniture Store at 121 North K Street in Tulare, California. He was one of Tulare County's most prominent businessmen. He married Miss Mattie B. Halcombe of…

A biographical sketch and photograph of George Washington Wyllie, an Assemblyman from the 55th District of California, Dinuba, Ca. He introduced the Wyllie Local Option Bill that allowed districts to decide by ballot whether to prohibit alcohol. He…

An article discussing the history, development and general characteristics of Fresno County by Chester H. Rowell. Contains a photograph of the author, the Rowell Building and a panorama of Fresno.

An article about San Joaquin Valley wine industry by M. F. Tarpey. Provides a brief history and description of practices, from harvesting, fermenting, racking, storing and fortifying wines, including sherries, vino and brandy. Includes photograph of…

An article by Frank H. Short, covering Fresno County's legal courts and noteworthy judges and lawyers of the day. Includes photograph of the author, the Fresno Courthouse, and County hospital. (2 pages)

An article about Selma written by the mayor, H. J. Lohman. Details the town's school systems, factories, banks, civic organizations and other important industries.
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