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181 E Shaw Ave, Mid-Century Tract home

Kerman sample2.jpg
Typical home in Kerman 15445 W. D Street. Kerman, CA

Kerman sample1.jpg
Business district in Kerman, Kerman Hotel and Kerman Chop Suey Restaurant --780 S. Madera Ave & C St

Shaver Lake example2.jpg
Little Shaver Cafe, 41808 Tolllhouse Rd (Hwy 168) Shaver Lake, CA

Shaver Lake example 1.jpg
41533 Indian Rock Rd, Shaver Lake, CA

Coalinga Sample 2.jpg
180 N Pierce, Coalinga, CA.
A typical style of pioneer house built in Western Fresno County. Many homes of similar age were severely damaged in the May 2nd, 1983 earthquake.

Coalinga Sample1.jpg
The AMY building destroyed in the earthquake, May 2, 1983. Some of the addresses were 122 W Elm, 130 W Elm, 215 5th St, 217 5th St, 245 5th St, also known as the Coalinga Plaza

1136 S Street.jpg
This home no longer standing is an example of downtown's eclectic early architecture.

1520 E Olive.jpg
Kindler Home (1929) on the National Register of Historic Places. Designed by R. F. Felchlin, Architect in the French-Norman Picturesque style.
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