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A sketch on the East Gate Sanitarium, located at 1437 J St (now Fulton) in Fresno, California. Established in 1906 by Miss Lillian E. Hoffman and Miss Adelaide B. Peyton.

A biographical sketch and photograph of Olen Lee Everts. He was an Attorney-at-Law for Everts & Ewing.

A biographical sketch of Dr. W. W. Cross after whom the Cross Sanitarium was named. He was a physician in Fresno, CA.

A biographical sketch and photograph of J. Emit Cox, a Physician and Surgeon who specialized in Obstetrics. He studied and practiced general medicine as well.

A biographical sketch of C. T. Cearley. He owned the Cearley store, which sold stationary and books.

2106-06-23 Yokomi, Akira-Central Fish-009A.jpg
Photo of a Painting of Arika Yakomi done from a photography by Richard Darby, Fresno Bee Photographer
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