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Early Linnell Camp Aerial View

In 1936 during the Franklin D. Roosevelt presidency, the Farm Security Administration (FSA) was set up to meet the health and housing needs for migrant families. In June of 1938 work was begun on the Linnell Camp, and on Decmber 16, 1938, the camp…

Woodville Camp Aerial View

In this aerial view of Woodville the water tower stands out by the cabins.
The homes are located at the left hand corner.

Woodville Camp Home

Woodville Camp garden home with flowers and shrubs planted around the house.

17th and Chester

Damaged buildings and the Coca Cola sign at 17th and Chester in Bakersfield after the 1952 earthquake.

1800s Gathering by Giant Sequoia Tree, Tulare County, Calif.

A group of pioneers holds hands in front of a giant sequoia in the high Sierras before the area was named Sequoia National Park.

1887 coal discovery

Combination engine, freight-passenger car, on railway leading from Coalinga to coal mine at the back of Standard 250 Leave. Addison and Mark Fearon children standing by dog in front of car. People sitting and standing in front and back of train,…

1890 Morton Street School Class Picture

1890 Morton Street School Class Picture

1890s Tulare view

East Tulare Avenue looking east from J Street.

1895 Parade

Two men on a wagon billed as the "First Car" in Porterville. It was really powered by a horse under the back. One man on a horse and several people standing on the sides of the street.

1896 White River School Class

1896 White River School Class Picture taken in White River, California.Back row left to right:Oscar Van Duesen, Miss Dorothy Benton (teacher), Harry Barbaro,__ Guthrie, ___Guthrie, Bennie Allen,__ Villard, Cynthia Uhl.Middle row left to right: Cliff…