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2106-06-23 Yokomi, Akira-Central Fish-009A.jpg
Photo of a Painting of Arika Yakomi done from a photography by Richard Darby, Fresno Bee Photographer

In 1936 during the Franklin D. Roosevelt presidency, the Farm Security Administration (FSA) was set up to meet the health and housing needs for migrant families. In June of 1938 work was begun on the Linnell Camp, and on Decmber 16, 1938, the camp…

2011-12-24 Fish counter-07.jpg
4 people standing at the Central Fish's fish counter

In this aerial view of Woodville the water tower stands out by the cabins.
The homes are located at the left hand corner.

Woodville Camp garden home with flowers and shrubs planted around the house.


Front St. Park
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