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Baseball in the oilfields

Baseball field in Section 30, Nevada Lease, Associated Oil Co.

Recreation time in the oil fields

Baseball game in Section 30, Nevada Lease, Associated Oil Company.

Baseball players and the audience at a game in the oilfields

Some of the baseball audience and players at game are : Back row L-R unknown, Charley Price, unknown, unknown, Dewey Phillips, Wallace Finster. Front row: unknown, unknown, Clarence Bowry, Ernest Bowery, Perry Birdwell.

Coalinga Toggery "The Leans" baseball team 1910

Bottom row, L-R: Clair Halliburton, proprietor of the Toggery; George E. H. Satchell, Clair Whitney, Dr. S. H. McCammon, and A. P. May. Top row: E. A. Cherry, L. P. Guiberson, Bert Kinney, W. W. Wickline, Marshal John L. Moffett, George Ehle, and J.…

1946 Coalinga softball league champions

Elks Club champions. Players named were Front row 2nd person, Wally Ping, 3rd person Floyd Howe, 5th person Chip Poindexter. Back Row: 4th person Ivan McMurtry, 5th person Jim Nunez, 6th person Carl Stone.

1947 Softball Champs

Elks softball champs. Those named are Front Row: 5th person Chip Poindexter, 7th person Floyd Howe. Back Row: 1st Person Ted O'Neill, 5th person Wally Ping, 6th person Ivan McMurtry, 7th person Jim Nunez, 10th person Ernie Rabanus.

Hanford's First Baseball Team

Ten men in uniform with hats and gear on floor. Identifications on photo.

Hanford Printers Baseball Team

Ten men in uniform seated in bleachers. Identifications on photo include men's positions at newspapers and names.

Baseball team, in front of Austin Foster Stoner's carriage store

Front row, left to right: unknown, Carter Hartwell, 10-year-old Lorraine "Lefty" Stoner (son of Austin Foster Stoner), Brother Moody, Bob Pyle; back row, Buell Moody, Jesse Janny, Charlie Congdon, 11-year-old Reginald "Reg" Stoner (son of Austin…

American Vineyard Company Baseball Team Del Rey California

Photograph of the American Vineyard Company Baseball Team with onlookers watching from the bleachers in the background. Del Rey is located about 15 miles southeast of Fresno with the communities of Sanger, Fowler, Selma, and Parlier within a six…