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Left to right in this early motor car photo in Tulare County, CA, are Fred Scott, Marvin Heberling, unknown, and Howard Witten.

The Isuneta family posed in front of the family automobile. Pictured are: (left to right) George Isuneta, Asako Isuneta with Julia Isuneta, Itsuno Isuneta, Shizuge Hada, Kimiye Tanizaki, and Frank Isuneta.

This photo is probably of Lyman Chan, posed with an automobile in about 1954 or 1955.

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Shui San Chan, wife of David Chan of Visalia, California, is pictured with a 1957 Corvette owned by her son, Victor.

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Tom Kaku is behind the wheel of a 1920 automobile owned by his cousin, Harry Kaku (who donated the photo). The automobile is parked in front of a restaurant called the Noodle House, in Lindsay, California. The building was built by Harry Kaku's…
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