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The Giant Sequoia called the General Grant Tree, the world's third-largest sequoia after the General Sherman tree and the Washington tree. The tree was discovered in 1862 by Joseph Hardin Thomas and named in 1867 by Lucretia Baker. Charles E. Lee…

View of Grand Sentinel (on the right) as seen from Zumwalt Meadow. Grand Sentinel and North Dome are striking rock formations on opposite sides of the meadow. The bank of the Kings River forms the north edge of the meadow and mountains, such as the…

A lone fisherman at the base of Roaring River Falls located east of Fresno in Kings Canyon National Park. This fast-flowing tributary of the Kings River drops 40 feet over a narrow, rocky ledge and flows down a boulder-filled slope.

A possible tour group inside Boyden Cavern. Boyden Cavern is a limestone cave located in the 8,000 feet deep Kings River Canyon between Grants Grove and Cedar Grove in the Sequoia National Forest. The cave was discovered by J.P. Boyden, a logger…
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