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4th part of 4 part picture. Men identified are, l-r: unknown, Jack Denegn, unknown, Bill Pascoe, unknown, unknown, (top) unknown, (bottom) Steakley, (top) Kenneth Alviso, (bottom) unknown, (top) Al Curry, (bottom) unknown, (top) Shorty Cloud,…

3rd part of 4 part picture. Those identified are, 4th from left Joe McLaughlin. Rest unknown.

2nd part of 4 part picture. Men identified are, l-r: (bottom) unknown, (top) George Cowert, (bottom) Scotty Conner, unknown, Jim Biffix, Kenneth McBain, Roy Pokenhorn, Russell, Earl Sharp, (top) unknown, (bottom) Art Witt, (top) Jones, (bottom)…

This is a four part picture. The men identified in this section are, l-r: unknown, John DeFries, unknown, Shorty McHaffie, unknown, DeFries, George Hughes, unknown, Lee Axtell, Decker, Scotty Peters, unknown, McBake, Jim Lynch, unknown, Littler,…

This was in the single white-collar workers living quarters. California Oifields Limited became part of Shell Oil Co.

The single men's white-collar employees quarters can be seen above the baseball field. California Oilfields Limited became part of Shell Oil Company in 1913.

This was in the complex for unmarried white-collar employees called "The Bungalow". The owners believed that it was good business to offer decent living quarters.

Working at California Oilfields Limited, which was sold to Shell Oil Company.
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