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  • Collection: Kings County-Hanford Historical Photos

Kings County Ag. Machines

BOX 1-AG-MACHINERY-001 Machinery pulling a trailer.tif
Black and white photos of agriculture machinery in Hanford and in Kings county.

Kings County Ag. Workers

BOX 1-AG-WORKERS-003.tif
Photos of Ag. workers around Kings County

Kings County Native American Pictures

Photos of Native Americans in Kings County

Kettleman City photos

Photos of Kettleman City

Naomi Tagawa

Photots of Naomi Tagawa, owner of Kings Hand Laundry

Hanford Vineyards

BOX 15-VINEYARDS-001.tif
Photos of vineyards and workers working on field.

Kings County Orchards

BOX 15-ORCHARDS-006.tif
Photos of orchards and dry stations in Kings County

Baseball teams of Hanford and Lemoore, CA

BOX 23-BASEBALL-001.tif
Photos of Hanfords baseball team, including Hanfords very first team.