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Kings County Ag. Machines

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Black and white photos of agriculture machinery in Hanford and in Kings county.

Early Motorized Crop Duster, Tulare County, Calif.

Redbanks Orchard Company in Tulare County, CA, made early use of this motorized crop duster.

Olive Grove, Shawl Ranch, Woodlake, Calif., 1952

This man is disking the cover crop in an olive grove at the Harold Shawl Ranch near Woodlake, CA.

Berry's Steam Traction Plow, Lindsay, Calif.

Farmers pose with a steam traction plow in a Tulare County, CA, field. The plow was invented by George Stockton Berry on his Lindsay, CA, ranch around 1880.

First Steam Harvester, Built by Stockton J. Berry, Lindsay, Calif.

This is Berry's Combined Traction Steam Harvester, the first steam harverster. It was built by George Stockton Berry on his ranch near Lindsay, Calif.

Austin Foster Stoner with employees and friends

Chester Avenue in front of Austin Foster Stoner's farm implement store. Austin Foster Stoner is in center of photo, with arm on tractor. Beale Memorial Clock Tower is in background. From the collection of Gaye Lenahan, great-granddaughter of Austin…