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Sato Ishida

Sato Ishida, Bill Ishida's grandmother, in 1950, five years before her death in 1955.


Aye Ogata, Tom Uyeda and Bill Ishida in WWII bomb crater

Aye Ogata (right), Tom Uyeda of Sacramento (foreground) and Bill Ishida in a bomb crater on Bougainville Island late 1944 or 1945. Bougainville is part of the Solomon Island group. The bomb was dropped from a "Betty," a two-engine Japanese bomber.…

Bill Ishida interrogating Japanese prisoners

U. S. Army Sgt. Bill Ishida (center) interrogates Japanese POW Army officers (far left and right) in the Phiippines in 1945. The man in the white shirt is a newspaper man. The officer on the far right surrendered his "very sharp" Samurai sword to…

Harotarn Ishida in his Lindsay, California, orange grove

Harotarn Ishida is pictured standing in his orange grove near Lindsay, California, in 1940.

U. S. Army Sgt. Bill Ishida

Sgt. Bill Ishida (second from right) is pictured with character actor Lee Tracy (brother of Spenser Tracy) the week of February 15, 1943. Tracy and Ishida were assigned to recruit Japanese Americans for U. S. military service in the 442 Regimental…