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Bill and Thomas Agaki are pictured planting orange trees near Lindsay, California, in 1939.

Tom Kaku is behind the wheel of a 1920 automobile owned by his cousin, Harry Kaku (who donated the photo). The automobile is parked in front of a restaurant called the Noodle House, in Lindsay, California. The building was built by Harry Kaku's…

Pumping station near Lindsay, California, was located next to an orange grove. The photo was taken in 1907.

Naturalization ceremony at the Lindsay, California, auditorium. Those pictured include: Sami Imoto (6th from right) and Miyoki Yoshida and Keihira Yoshida (upper left).

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Lindsay Japanese Community Reunion held at Gang Sue's Restaurant in Porterville. Pictured are Japanese Americans who grew up in and around Lindsay.

Aliro Imoto on the ranch near Lindsay in 1940. During World War II he served with the 552 Field Artillery attached to the 442nd.

This is Berry's Combined Traction Steam Harvester, the first steam harverster. It was built by George Stockton Berry on his ranch near Lindsay, Calif.
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