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Van Emmon Sisters

Phoebe Ann Van Emmon Smith and her sister Sarah Van Emmon Graham on Oak Street behind what is now Shortman's Cyclery.Porterville, California

Max R. V. Smith

Max R.V. Smith standing in front of a truck in front of his home on Oak Street.

Mrs. J.E. Willis

Mrs. J.E. Willis standing in front of the old parsonage to the First Congregational Church on Oak Street in Porterville, California.

Armistice Day Auto Race

1922 Armistice Day Parade in Porterville, California. Two cars racing around the corner of Main Street and Oak Street. Several people on the sidewalks watching. Jones Hardware Store on the left side of the picture.

Treager's Blacksmith Shop

Traeger's Blacksmith Shop on the southwest corner of Oak Street and Main Street in Porterville, California. Men and children in front of building. Will Treager later became sherriff of Los Angeles County.