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Portraits of WWI Military Personnel of Tulare County


The Annie R. Mitchell History Room contains a collection of more than 300 photos of men who served in the Army and Navy during World War I. Most of…

Contributors: Tulare County Library

Shades of Tulare County Project


Documenting the local history of our Japanese and Chinese population. Funded by a grant from the California State Library, the "Shades" project is a…

Contributors: Tulare County Library

Annie Mitchell History Room Photo Files


Photos found in the files of the Annie R. Mitchell History Room of the Tulare County Library, 200 W. Oak Ave., Visalia, CA 93291. Phone (559) 733-6954…

Contributors: Tulare County Library

Lillian Baugh Collection


Lillian Baugh is connected to many African-American families who moved to Tulare from Allensworth in the early 1900s. She has generously shared some…

Contributors: Tulare Public Library

George Serpa Collection


George and Sally Serpa donated these photographs. The Serpa family has been in Tulare County since the 1890s. Sally Serpa's family owned businesses in…

Contributors: Tulare Public Library

Louise Tesoriere Collection


Louise Tesoriere is a genealogical researcher in Tulare County. Items in this collection are of early family members and friends from Pixley,…

Contributors: Tulare Public Library

Colleen Murphy Paggi Collection


Colleen M. Paggi is a life-long Tulare resident and family historian. Her roots in this area go back to the early 1900s. The photographs in her…

Contributors: Tulare Public Library

Irene Ferguson Collection


The photos in the Irene Ferguson Collection were provided through her daughter, Betty Cotta. Mrs. Ferguson (now deceased) gave permission for her…

Contributors: Tulare Public Library

Mervin Fulton Collection


Merv Fulton is a local photographer and inventor. He has worked in Hollywood, California as a photographer and advisor, and has assisted in many local…

Contributors: Tulare Public Library