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  • Collection: Hanford Carnegie Museum

Exterior of small frame building with library sign. Building was located on Lacey Boulevard.

Three men on ground near oil well buildings and man on top of derrick. Hills in background.

Oil wells with hills in background. One of the wells is gushing.

Original three-story brick Opera House with Keller's Pharmacy on corner of Seventh and Irwin Streets.

Lobby of Artesia Hotel located on the corner of Irwin and Sixth Streets in Hanford. Men seated around fountain and standing on stairs and at desk. African-American employees on balcony. Specter of man at top of stairs.

Men in long coats and top hats standing by flag-decked wagon in front of Artesia Hotel on Irwin Street in Hanford. Horatio Lacey, owner of Lacey Milling, is second from left.

Scaffolding on side of 3-story masonry building as 4th floor is being added to Hanford Opera House. This wooden 4th-story burned in 1928 fire. Kutner-Goldstein department store on left and Artesia Hotel on right. Construction workers and equipment as…

Exterior of Lacey Milling, brick mill building with sacks against walls. Built in 1916 to replace original wooden building that burned.

Native American group on platform of Southern Pacific railroad depot with wagons in background.
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