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Kings County Livestock Pt. 2

BOX 1-AG-LIVESTOCK-009 Women about to milk cow .tif
Photos of hog, sheep, horse, and bee farm.

Bakersfield Centennial parade, horse-drawn fire department hose wagon

Horse-drawn fire department hose wagon from about 1907, in Bakersfield Centennial parade; seated at front of wagon, beside man wearing hat, is Robert Prenter, a Kern county Assemblyman during the late 1990s.The parade was on January 10.

Cotton Pickers Weighing In

Workers with filled cotton sacks gathered around scale.

Maker of Hanford's First Fire Engine and Birthplace of First Person Born in Hanford

J.R. Albertson, left, and William John Martin, right, with their horses. The house in the background stood at Irwin and Elm Streets and was the birthplace of Charles F. Fuller, the first child born in Hanford. William John Martin, a wheelwright in…

Rodeo in Hanford

Spectators behind fence with riders performing in enclosure. Taken from high point to south.

Kingston School Class

Students and teachers by rail fence with two women horseback riders on sidesaddles.

Crew Pruning Grapevines

Workers loading prunings into metal bins.

Judging Percheron Draft Horses

Men and row of horses near oak tree and barn.

Man with Draft Horse

Man holding bridle of draft horse.