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Victoria Land and Cattle Company rig number one

One example of the wide range of Kern County Land Company's holdings, which extended outside of California

Panoramic view of Midland

Office houses among trees are in center of picture; Bunk house is in foreground at right; Homes Supply Company is farther to the right; a row of shops is behind foreground oil derrick at center; doctor's office, house, and hospital are at left;…

Chanslor-Canfield-Midway Oil Company main camp, Fellows, California

This camp likely replaced the earlier Vernette location. Office, recreation building, and work shops are near center of picture; houses and derricks are in background. Pepper trees are alongside houses. From the collection of Frederic Chandler…

Chanslor-Canfield-Midway gusher 2-6

On November 27, 1909, gusher 2-6 came in with a roar, 2,000 barrels of oil a day, the first gusher in the Midway Valley, in Western Kern County. From the collection of Frederic Chandler Ripley, Jr.

Picnic in Wildflower Field Near Coalinga

Six people seated among wildflower with oil derricks in background.

A Visit to the Coalinga Oil Fields, Kings County

Woman and two children next to automobile with oil fields in background. Taller girl is Susie Tagawa from Hanford. Tagawa family visited friends in Coalinga.

Coalinga Oil Fields

Oil wells with hills in background. One of the wells is gushing.

Marve Corey's Oil Well in Coalinga

Three men on ground near oil well buildings and man on top of derrick. Hills in background.