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Curtis Robin Challenger, Monache Meadow, Tulare County, Calif.

A Curtis Robin Challenger landed in Monache Meadow (14 miles south of Mount. Whitney) in 1930. This was one of two sites proposed as a High Sierra landing field. Sol Sweet of Visalia, CA, was the pilot.

Baby Visalia Airplane in Visalia, Calif.

Three men stand near the "Baby Visalia" plane in a field near Visalia, Calif. The plane was built by Delmar Wood and Jess Clark.

Curtis Biplane, First Airplane to Fly in Tulare County, Calif.

Left to right, Frank, Johnny and Henry Bryant pose next to a Curtis biplane. This was the first plane to fly in Tulare County, CA. Frank Bryant was the pilot.

First United Airlines Flight into Visalia, Calif.

A group congregates around a United Airlines aircraft at Visalia Municipal Airport; commemorating UAL's first flight into Visalia, CA.

First United Airlines Flight into Airport in Visalia, Calif.

A group greets a woman as she descends from a United Airlines aircraft at the Visalia, CA, Airport. This was United Airlines' first flight into Visalia, in 1946.

Kern County Air Service plane

Shows airplane marked "Kern County Air Service, Amos Collins, Pilot." Air mail service to Kern County began in 1927.


Propeller Plane Landing at Hanford Airport

Group of men around airplane on unpaved field.