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Main Street, Visalia, California, was inundated for a second time in two months in February 1956. Here workers try to clear and obstruction in Mill Creek.

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Chan family backyard barbecue.

Otani's Store was located on East Center Street in Visalia, California. This photo, taken in the 1930s, shows the interior of the store which sold groceries and general merchandise. Pictured are (left to right) Ura Otani (mother of donor Hideo…

The 1922 Visalia Union High School football team posed for the school yearbook photo in Visalia, California. Pictured are (left to right) top row: Lawrence Hausan, George Kassapian, George Bodine, Roy Willhide, Major George L. Righter (coach), Mose…

Mike Suyeda slides down the slide as his grandfather, Yoshikazu Morioka, watches. The photo was taken at Mooney Grove Park, Visalia, California, in 1948.

James Nitta (right) and Hiroshi Eki on Main Street in Visalia, California, in the 1930s.

Main Street, Visalia, California, in the flood of 1955-56. Pictured are Tom's furniture store, and the Lucky Auto Supply Store, on the corner of Main and Garden Streets. In the background are the Grand Theater and (on the corner of Main and Church…

View of 1955-56 floods in downtown Visalia, California, shows Main Street under water. The photo was taken from near Garden Street, looking toward the west. Gong's Meat Market can be seen (left center) near the corner of Main and Chirch Streets.

Michael Hasebe (on the left) is pictured with the 1976 Visalia Buddhist Church YBA basketball team. His eldest son, Randall, is pictured in the front row, left.

Totaro Fujimura owned this candy store on N. East St. (now N. Santa Fe. St.) in Visalia, California. This 1924 photo shows the interior of the store and three young children.
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