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Christmas Party at Chinese School in Hanford

Audience in decorated room with heads turned toward rear. Group of men in front of audience.

Sue Chung Kee Store in Hanford's China Alley

Exterior of brick buildings with two men on sidewalk and man on roof near flag pole.

Sue Chung Kee Store, Hanford

Interior of store with two men identified as Sue Chung Kee (seated) and his son, Y.T. Sue (standing)

Sue Chung Kee Store in Hanford's China Alley

Three men seated in store. Two are in Chinese traditional dress.

Chinese School

Large group of children and adult in front of building with welcome sign, flags, and Chinese banners. Man on left identified as Jacob Neighbor, Hanford High School Principal.

Y.T. Sue and Wife

Couple on sofa in photographer's studio. Woman wearing Chinese dress; man wearing white suit and shoes. Woman identified as Y.T. Sue's second wife, who came from China as bride.