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Third-grade picture of Viola Stoner and classmates

Viola Stoner (daughter of Austin Foster Stoner) is in middle front row, in white dress. Viola Stoner is the grandmother of Gaye Lenahan, who donated several family pictures of the Stoner family.

Sixth birthday of Mariella Laidley

House on L Street. Front row: Arthur Raine, Barbara McGinn, Frances Rogers, Wanda Rankin, Gene Helbling, Patricia Colby, Mariella Laidley (daughter of Viola Stoner Laidley & William Laidley), Marian Williams. Kneeling, behind front row: Frederick…

Sixth birthday of Leffler Bequette Miller

Leffler Bequette Miller, born May 30 1895, with other children celebrating his birthday.House, and horse and wagon, visible in background.

Reginald and Lorraine Stoner

Left to right: Reginald "Reg," Stoner, born 1889, Lorraine "Lefty" Stoner, born 1890, sons of Austin Foster Stoner; also date palms and umbrella trees in front of courthouse. Fence is made of iron chain and brick. From the collection of Gaye Lenahan,…

Lola Lightner Fry Busby

Shows Lola Lightner Fry (born 1893), who later married Floyd Busby; mother of Jack Busby, who was born in 1915.

Kern County Library Bookmobile at Red Rock School

Children, with adult, beside bookmobile stopping at Red Rock School

Group picture, with Doris Stoner

Children standing outside building, possibly a school; Doris Stoner (born July 1895, daughter of Austin Foster Stoner) is in front row, exactly in the middle, in dark dress with tie

Story hour

Story hour at the Boys' and Girls' Library.

Story hour

Story hour at the Boys' and Girls' Library