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Dinuba Buddhist float in a Dinuba, California, parade

Japanese women in traditional dress ride on the Buddhist float in a parade in Dinuba, California.

Hatsuye Osaki Yoneda

Hatsuye Osaki Yoneda wears ceremonial dress for the Ochigo (Festival) at the Dinuba, California, Buddhist Church in November 1927. She was Becky Hatakeyama's aunt.

Buddhist Confirmation Ceremony, Dinuba, California

Group photo of those participating in a Buddhist confirmation ceremony held in Dinuba, California on January 18, 1959.

Group photo at the Young Buddhist Conference in Dinuba, California

This group photo was taken of those attending the Young Buddhist Conference held in Dinuba, California, December 2, 1967.

Dinuba baseball team

Dinuba championship baseball team of the Central California Baseball League in the early 1920s.

William Raymond Wooley (World War I, Tulare County)

William Raymond Wooley, of Dinuba (See #277 in for halftone duplicate)

Willie G. Wilton (World War I, Tulare County)

Willie G. Wilton, of Dinuba (See #223 in for halftone duplicate)

Elroy Henry Tellyer (World War I, Tulare County)

Elroy Henry Tellyer, of Dinuba East precinct

Wesley M. Stevenson (World War I, Tulare County)

Wesley M. Stevenson, of Dinuba (See #246 in for halftone duplicate)

Percy Dew Steinbrink (World War I, Tulare County)

Percy Dew Steinbrink, of Dinuba West precinct (See #276 in for halftone duplicate)