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Funeral at the Buddhist Church, Visalia, California

Mourners at a funeral held at the Buddhist Church, 210 N. East St. (now E. Santa Fe St.) at the corner of N. East St. and E. Oak St. in Visalia, California. The photo was taken in 1925.

Buddhist Confirmation Ceremony, Dinuba, California

Group photo of those participating in a Buddhist confirmation ceremony held in Dinuba, California on January 18, 1959.

Group photo at the Young Buddhist Conference in Dinuba, California

This group photo was taken of those attending the Young Buddhist Conference held in Dinuba, California, December 2, 1967.

Funeral at the Visalia Buddhist Church

Funeral at the Buddhist Church, located on East Center Street in Visalia, California. The photo was taken about 1935.

Family of the minister of the Visalia, California Buddhist Church

Family of K. Stahara, minister of the Visalia, California, Buddhist Chirch. Photo was taken about 1939.