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The little tractor pulled the wagons to where the would be unloaded.

Bert Adado is in the cab of the 1935 Ford truck, Howard Mouren is on the 60 cat tractor. They would have to tow the Ford truck at times because of how sandy the field was.

The discarded equipment would be brought back to the warehouse yard to salvage. They would used the good parts to repair other equipment.

In the warehouse yard there is the header to the harvester, carrier into the 'doghouse', elevator type of equipment i not part of the header.

All of the buildings in the background burned down in 1919. On the right is the Mouren stables, behind equipment is a pool hall.

Harvester on the right with buggy wheels in front. The 75 tractor is one the left of the Mouren warehouse yard.

The cooks shed have a smoke stack at the top, in front of the harvester is the water tank wagon. The cooks shed and water tank wagon would follow the harvester to the fields so the workers did not have to come all the way back into for lunch.
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