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The little tractor pulled the wagons to where the would be unloaded.

On right is a traction engine, sleep houses for out in the fields and 3 harvesters to be taken to the Bosten Land Co. The sleep houses were taken to the fields so the hands would not have to come all the way back into town.

Across the street, between the warehouses is the blacksmith shop and the 'red' Mouren house.

This building was the original depot for the Southern Pacific.

Sorghum wagon and cooks wagon. The blacksmith-garage and Mouren's first house can be seen.

Sorghum wagons on right with cook wagon in center. The blacksmith and garage combo was owned by Edmund Mouren. The sign is in front of the building on left. The building the sign is hiding is the Mouren house.

Hotel is on the right in the background of the warehouse.

The oil tankers on the train are most likely from Coalinga oilfields.
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