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Wester Auto Hardware and Auto Parts Store and Biddle's Soda Fountain & Hamburger Stand on Main Street in Porterville, California. Several cars out in front of the buildings.

Members of the Porterville City Band are on top of the Van Doorman Stump. The stump was cut into pieces for transportation to the World's Fair. Because it was in pieces it was discounted as a fake.

Two men standing in the middle of Main Street. One man is holding a dog. The large building in the background is the Pioneer Store.

Traeger's Blacksmith Shop on the southwest corner of Oak Street and Main Street in Porterville, California. Men and children in front of building. Will Treager later became sherriff of Los Angeles County.

4 men standing inside Henry Traeger's Blacksmith Shop. Left to right: Motsinger, Adam;Woodley, Frank; Traeger, Henry;Flynn, Matt.

The Porterville Free Public Library built in 1906 with funds fron the Carnegie Library Foundation. The Library sat on the southwest corner of Thurman Avenue and Main Street. It was torn down in 1949.

Several men seated around tables playing cards in the "Orange Saloon".

Robert Baker built the Baker Block building in 1892. There was a carriage shed in the back of the building on the alley that the Fire Department used to store their equipment.

The Arlington Hotel on the northeast corner of Main Street and Olive Avenue with several people out front and a horse and buggy.

Stevens Department Store on Main Street in Porterville, California. Several cars parked in front of the building.
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